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About Our Company


 In June 1994 Neild & Co came into operation.

The company was bought from the shell of G.H. Neild (formerly Higgins & Neild) who had fallen on hard times.

Neild & Co is a private family company which is Australian owned, and has established itself as the leading company in the supply of ingredients and materials used by the Retail Meat Industry throughout NSW/ACT. The company also does business in other areas of the food industry e.g. Seafood, Poultry, Fruit & Vegetable Processors and various food processors.

The distribution system used by Neild & Co combined with the agreements made with leading manufacturers both in Australia and overseas, gives customers the opportunity to be involved in the latest developments at very competitive prices.

Neild & Co is a member of an Australasian Group of companies that combine to create better buying opportunities and prices, and the ability to supply on a national level. Each of these companies is a major distributor and manufacturer in their respective States and in New Zealand. The combined resources of each member, including Neild & Co, ensures customers are dealing with a company that has access to the latest products and technology in most areas involved in supplying the Red Meat, Poultry, Seafood and associated industries.

Neild & Co regards itself as a wholesale distributor as it is a logistics centre for some of the major manufacturers of Ingredients, Packaging and Casings. These companies use the sales and distribution network developed by the company. As a result, Neild & Co customers enjoy what we believe is the best service in the industry, with the largest product selection and access to quality control and testing facilities.

The company has also developed a policy of extreme price competitiveness, so much so that many customers are purchasing products today at cheaper prices than even 10 years ago. This competitive price drive has been brought about by the determined attitude of the Directors of the company to use the logistics and distribution systems of the company, combined with high volume purchasing arrangements to keep prices down.

For all these reasons and because of determination and hard work, Neild & Co has – from basically no business 22 years ago – emerged as the leading company in our industry.


With the view to improve our overall warehouse management and distribution, we are live with the “state-of-the-art” Paperless Warehousing Management (PWM) system. Since its introduction, we have improved greatly on our warehouse efficiency, productivity, traceability and accuracy of picking customers’ order from the thousands of products that we carry.

Customer orders are received electronically from our Sales Representatives or through the office and entered by our staff. The office system is integrated with the PWM system, so each order is immediately sent down into PWM and picked by our warehousing staff. Depending on the delivery schedule and urgency, ultimately each order is despatched as quickly as possible. The integration of the two systems has overwhelmingly improved the efficiency of our picking and invoicing, and literally saved a tree or two as “paperless” is exactly what it means.

The continual investment in our systems ensures our customers receive the best service we can possibly provide.